Barramundi Corporation

Barramundi Corp
6449 South Tex Point
Homosassa, FL 34448
1-352-628-0203 Fax
We have a fully equipped factory with all the latest metal work machinery. Our equipment will serve all your product needs. They include: Press Brakes, Shears, Automated Turrett Punches and more. We can do a wide variety of custom metalwork - call now for more information 1-800-382-1817
Metal Cutting Shears
Wysong 10' x 1/4 Mild Steel Cap
Amada 6' x 3/16" Mild Steel Cap
Turrett Punches
Weidman CNC 3050 - 30 ton 50 Station
Weidman tooling assortment
Behrens 30 Station Style Turrett Punch
Weidman R61 30 Station
Press Brakes
Cincinnati CNC 90 ton cap. 6' housing 8' bed
Verson 150 ton cap. 10' housing 12' bed
Niagara 50 ton cap. 6' housing 8' bed
Speciality Equipment
We have a 100 ton Iron Worker fully tooled "Metal Muncher" capable of shearing plate, angle and punching
Corner Notcher
Pipe threading machine- threads up to 2" pipe OD
Marvel Vertical Bandsaw
Machine Shop